Aerea Negrot

to andy butler i owe many thanks.

for everything that he did with hercules and love affair. 
for two wonderful sets in belgrade.
for introducing me to nomi ruiz.
and now, for introducing me to 
amazing Aérea Negrot.

she's the one doing the vocals for H+LA latest single painted eyes. 
aerea is a classically trained singer, a producer and an avant-garde dancer. 
she is from venezuela, and  resides in berlin. 

she sounds like a gay man.
maybe like a choir with klaus nomi as a lead singer.
like avenue d covered chinawoman.
its like miss platnum drunk dialed grace jones.

heres a free track love you from the brain

she has an album out. its called Arabxilla. 
its club provoking.
music makes you put your hands over your head and then lyrics kick in and they make you put your thinking cap on.
its an instant classic. 
make sure you check her previous works 

and hopefully, ill see her and fata kiefer live soon