Sascha Funke and his wife Julienne Dessagne.

Dante Kinnunen

Dante is the drummer oThe Concretes but instead of drumming he is singing as Dante. 
He is bringing a new Swedish vibe in the game. 
by:Larm describes him as a mix between Phil Collins and The Weekend, 
we would purely say New Indie R&B.

via Nordic by Nature


is it a girl. is it a boy. oh, its a duet.
and then you find out.
its only one guy (though mattafix is a duo).

so, the voice.
but the lyirics, as well.
they are soulful.
they treat topic and questions we tend to avoid.

i dont dare to do genres and labels, but if i had to, old school r'n'b would be the one to put on them.

my guess is that all song were written on a guitar,
and then put together with numerous samples.

anyhow, signs of a struggle, their first album is one of my all time favorites.

to those of you who havent met mattafix, enjoy.

to those of you who cried their eyes out when marlon roudette and preetesh hirji parted, here's marlons solo.
the name of the album is matter fixed. so may know how similar it is to his previous work.
but it just doesnt have that atmosphere signs of a struggle has.

Symphony of Science

to bring scientific knowledge and philosophy to the public through the medium of music. 
thats his goal. 
to send a meaningful message to listeners, while simultaneously providing an enjoyable musical experience.
again, amazing.

he made a song just by using samples from Carl Sagan's Cosmos and Stephen Hawking's Universe series.
then he went on and now has an album. and its for free

Keaton Henson

i got this one from soko, so i thought i knew what im getting myself into.
its that, and more.

a troubled young man, that you can relate to or identify with.

or you're just lucky. for now.

Right Away, Great Captain!

this blog will live. 

and hopeflly,
we will discover projects like Right Away, Great Captain!

its Andy Hull's solo project. he's mostly known as Manchester Orchestra's lead singer.

The Bitter End, The Eventually Home and The Church of the Good Thief is a trilogy that
tells the ongoing saga of a 17th century sailor who catches his wife in an act of betrayal with his very own brother.


rosay is not the only pipette pursuing a solo career. 
few years ago gwenno had a mini album rumored to be produced by the postal service or at least influenced by them. it wasnt that bad at all, but it had no response. check it yourself. 
she is still in the band with her sister ani, but shes dj-ing as well.
and she made an apperiance in the video for PNAUs next single.

Rose Elinor Dougall /free EP

she will always be one of the pipettes.
if you havent noticed yet, they are the prettiest girl youll ever meet.
she is also a member of mark ronsons band business intl.

rose is finishing a second solo album.

she had few extra songs,
and being lovely as she is,
we can get
Distractions EP for free.


Michael Lovett is a londoner.
he makes music and performs as NZCA/LINES.
his minimalistic eletronic pop sounds so simple,
but at the same time, its obvious how much thought and hard work he/they put into it.
the only comparison allowed is the one with metronomy, 
cause one of their producers worked on a nazca's debut album that will be out by the end of february.
my favorite track wont be on it.
The Nazca Lines are a series of ancient geoglyphs located in the Nazca Desert in southern Peru.

Oliver Tank

My name is Oliver Tank, I'm 22, I live in Sydney and I make and perform music

Aerea Negrot

to andy butler i owe many thanks.

for everything that he did with hercules and love affair. 
for two wonderful sets in belgrade.
for introducing me to nomi ruiz.
and now, for introducing me to 
amazing Aérea Negrot.

she's the one doing the vocals for H+LA latest single painted eyes. 
aerea is a classically trained singer, a producer and an avant-garde dancer. 
she is from venezuela, and  resides in berlin. 

she sounds like a gay man.
maybe like a choir with klaus nomi as a lead singer.
like avenue d covered chinawoman.
its like miss platnum drunk dialed grace jones.

heres a free track love you from the brain

she has an album out. its called Arabxilla. 
its club provoking.
music makes you put your hands over your head and then lyrics kick in and they make you put your thinking cap on.
its an instant classic. 
make sure you check her previous works 

and hopefully, ill see her and fata kiefer live soon

danger! The Guest has arrived.

we all know Danger Mouse can do no wrong (Gnarls Barkley, Gorillaz, Beck, Black Keys).
last year, he produced an EP for a band Electric Guest.

its called Mondo, and it has two tracks, Troubleman and American Daydream.
i found another track, great as well.

Electric Guest signed for Downtown Records and now we can have a glimpse of how they album may sound.

MTV named them one of top artists to watch in the new year, along with Lana Del Rey, Frank Ocean and Walk The Moon.
they just might be this year's Foster The People.
they sure are welcome.

there's Foxes. and there's Big Fox.

i made my 2011: best of and i promised myself that i wont change it, no matter who i forgot.
but, oh do i punish myself last two days for not puttin delilah, summer camp and LIPS on the list.
and know i remembered one more.

i just ran into a girl that calls herself Foxes (previously know as loui rose). 

free download of her song youth is at neongold.

while is was reading about foxes, i remembered a big big song from 2011.
new pop sweetheart from sweden.
here's Big Fox.

dont these two fit perfectly together.

sitting alone on the saturday evening &
screaming dont tell me our youth is runnin out

i could be. i am. the money. the national anthem.

Lizzy Grant in Mermaid Motel:
Maybe we could go to Coney Island
Maybe I could sing the national anthem

Lana Del Rey in National Anthem:
Money is the anthem
I'm your National Anthem

scissor sisters + azealia PLUS fun. + janelle monae

the trend was started in 2011.
and goes on.
this year is gonna be all about duets and collaborations. 

we're kickin off with SCISSOR SISTERS and the girl that was named one of the most promising new acts.
for this song, she goes under the moniker krystal pepsy(?!), though we know her as azealia banks

and, about the song. 
its a scissor sisters song. 

imma big fan of this band fun. ever since i heard at least im not as sad as i used to.
now they're joining forces with janelle. which is weird. 
but imma big fan of this girl janelle. ever since i heard many moons

im not sure if this is working. 

2011: best of

11. Garçon Garçon - Stay In Touch
is it me or does everyone look their best while dancing to a electro pop break up song?
10. The History of Pan!c - The Chase
new record label INGRID is founded by Miike Snow, Peter Bjorn and John, Lykke Li and Dungen.
and i think they should sign history of panic.
cause, i dont think he'll be fully satisfied even if he knew how much i love his song.
hope you'll like it too. its on vimeo.
09. D E N A - Boyfriend / Thin Rope
while everyone was blabbin about azealia banks, i danced to dena's two songs.

08. Friends - I'm His Girl
lets us all have a little relationship advice from friends. but not the ones we have a crush on.
the ones from brooklyn.

07. Capital Cities - Safe and Sound
such a promising, uplifting song.
06. Teddiedrum - Miami
its just about the mood the song is creating. i so wanna go there.
05. PNAU - The Truth 
everything peter and nick ever done is just pure genious.
04. Soul Clap - Lonely C feat. Charles Levine
this song sets me to a club instantly. and it like 4am. im so drunk.with hands above my head. and yes.

03. Dirty Gold - California Sunrise

02. Active Child - Playing House feat. HTDW 
01. Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know feat. Kimbra

2011: above and beyond

a big year behind us.
i posted some memorable moments in music, 
later i will post the best songs of the year. 
i had to be fair and leave out some people. 
they are out of the competition,
but here i post about them and how they made 2011 remarkable as it was. 

loved it and was sick of it, back and forth.
of this song, of her in all.
but noone can deny,
this was her year.

love the song, love the ep. 
but i love the video even more. 
i dont think mr. lemoine would mind. 
he is a music video director, then a musician. 
he directed lots of videos, among others lana del reys born to die

lana del rey lana del rey lana del rey lizzy grant lana
del rey lana lizzy grant lana del rey lana del rey
del rey lana del rey lana lizzy grant del rey lana del rey
lana del lizzy grant lana del rey lana del rey lana del rey
more than ok.
i loved video games.
i loved every demo i dugg up.
and now, well, off you go lana.
to the races, to the charts.
just dont make me fight you for a spotlight on january 30th.
i booked that date 27 years ago.

i enjoyed the voice so so much.
such a feel good show.

but it didnt bring us as many new faces as we thought it will. 
but, we got the most infectious song of the year. 

The Weeknd.

best new act for sure.
the best album(s) of the year, without a doubt.
if i could pick one, he'd be gettin a best song from me as well.
and, btw,
among other amazing things, his music is for free.

2011: moments 2/2

Peter, Bjorn and John - Second Chance  (yt video)

2011: moments 1/2